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After much discussion we have decided it was time to close the Doghouse. It was a great nine years for me. I want to thank the Lindy community for their support, and especially all the volunteers and staff for their commitment, dedication, and patience throughout the many years of the Doghouse's existence.

When I started dancing, I never thought that I would be dancing this long (fourteen years). The Lindy community was my extended family for all those years until I found my own. It has given back to me ten-fold the energy and passion that I put into it. I loved the Doghouse and the dancers who came and enjoyed it, I still love teaching, dancing, watching the joy dancers have as they learn and discover the magic of this dance. I am still fascinated and passionate about the connection and fun of partner dancing, the music, the relationship with martial arts, and the parallels with life. For me the dancing will not end but will continue to evolve and grow.

As for the Doghouse, it served its purpose, and like all things came to an end. The Doghouse was the first venue started by dancers, for dancers. At the time, the Lindy scene was small, but growing, and the only places to dance were smoky crowded bars. We started the Doghouse so that dancers would have a place to meet friends in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere - a place where people could learn how to dance socially and keep dancing as an important part of their lives. It is amazing by how many dancers met, got married, and/or have formed long lasting relationships at the Doghouse. I'm happy to have helped provide a space for a great dance community to grow over the years. It is one of the factors that made San Francisco the mecca of swing dancing in the world for many years.

Extra special thanks to Scotty Hopkins and Cathy Kohatsu for their dedication, help and sticking it out to the end. Thanks to Jennifer Leong for her loyalty, help, and great teaching. Thanks to Victor Deleon for always being there, Jesse for his great DJing for all these years, and to our most recent teachers and performers Jean and Bromley. Thanks also to Pat Poon and the NCLS for their support of all our special events. I have great respect for all of you, and you have my admiration. Thank you San Francisco Lindy community for making the Doghouse some of the the very best years of my life!

The Doghouses was originally located at
1133 Mission Street

In early 2006, it moved to the
ODC Dance Commons
351 Shotwell (btwn 17th & 18th St)





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